A professional and unique approach

Marlene is a graduate from Robert Fiance Makeup Academy with a certification in Fashion and Beauty as well as Special FX makeup.


Showcase Your Beauty


Marlene’s professional and unique approach has a defining ability to showcase the beauty and potential found in each of her clients. With a trained eye, she suggests color palette based on skin tone while instructing proper application to enhance her client’s natural complexion.

While many assume makeup is used to hide an individual’s flaws, Marlene’s preference is to utilize makeup as a tool to bring out her client’s natural and distinct look and showcasing their beauty. Marlene’s passion is evident in her interaction with her clients and students, exhibiting patience and support that is seemingly endless and reflective of a truly passionate professional.

Inspiring Looks from the Runways to the Streets


If makeup isn’t something that you think about when watching a movie or a TV show, it means the makeup artist is doing their job. Makeup artists are an essential ingredient when it adding authenticity and realism to TV and film so the audience believes what they are seeing.  If viewers don’t buy into what they are watching, it’s a good bet the media they are watching won’t be around long.

It’s very difficult to make a convincing TV show or low-budget film so it’s important to maximize value wherever possible. There are many different elements to consider when it comes to making media believable, but one of the most important rudiments is ensuring the characters look realistic, which can prove difficult depending on the complexity of your character. Marlene is well established in the field of tv and film production makeup and brings professionalism, creativity, and a flexible, cooperative demeanor to assist her clients in achieving their goal.

The Perfect Look on the Perfect Day


Every bride deserves to look flawless on her wedding day. Your wedding day should be all about you, especially when it comes to your makeup. You need to exhibit your best-self on the happiest day of your life by showcasing your most beautiful and natural look.

Your wedding photos last a lifetime, proper makeup is essential as blemishes can be eliminated through proper professional photography.  We place special emphasis on highlighting distinct features to ensure your full range of expressions are captured beautifully.  From the best long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascaras to the perfect red lip to the foundations that are most photogenic, Marsartisry™ will have you looking like a blushing bride in no time.

Bringing Fantasy to Life

Special FX

The process of creating a prosthetic appliance begins with lifecasting, the process of taking a mold of a body part (often the face) to use as a base for sculpting the prosthetic. Lifecast molds are made from prosthetic alginate or more recently, from skin-safe silicone rubber.  This initial mold is relatively weak and flexible. A hard mother mold, typically made of plaster or fiberglass bandages is created overtop the initial mold to provide support.

Marlene’s training in both conventional and nonconventional makeup art includes certification in special Fx, which is prosthetic sculpting, molding, and casting techniques that create advanced cosmetic effects. Her talent and expertise shine through in her work for Terror Behind the Walls, her work included an extreme variety of special FX, stage and costume makeup on over three hundred actors a night, on every skin tone and type under the sun using a collection of airbrush, cream, alcohol and cake makeup.

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